Proud to Suit Up Award winning Cinematographer Matt Bendo

Matt Bendo wins Prestigious National Cinematography Award

Windsor native, Matt Bendo, has won Best Cinematographer for Branded Content at the 60th Canadian Society of Cinematographers Awards.

Bendo, who is 24 years old, is a former graduate of the University of Windsor where he was awarded the Board of Governor’s Medal. Bendo was nominated alongside Vancouver’s Cole Graham and five-time nominee and past winner D. Gregor Hagey of Toronto. Bendo is the youngest person to win this prestigious national cinematography award in Branded Content. The award Bendo received recognizes the winning cinematographer as a true Director of Photography. A lapel pin given to each winner is proudly worn in the film community as a symbol of national recognition.

Bendo describes how, “A cinematographer is a visual storyteller that subconsciously manipulates an audience’s emotions while guiding them from one scene to the next. Through the use of precise camera movements,compelling compositions, and strokes of light, a cinematographer evokes feelings in the audience that transcend simply displaying images on a screen.”

Bendo’s commercial entitled “Storm” advertises custom exhausts created by YST & Armytrix for Lamborghini. In his acceptance speech Bendo thanked the CSC for continuing to “foster a community for cinematographers where we can all learn and grow together.“ Bendo gave tribute to co-director, Cameron Bryson (Toronto), fellow Windsor native and musician, Cal Cuffaro, who created the sound design of the commercial, University of Windsor grad Sam Pollock, who did the camera rigging for the driving shots, and Tony Lau, Bendo’s former professor at the University of Windsor and owner of Film Loft Productions of Toronto. Bendo ended his speech by thanking his mother saying “Most of all I love you mom. Thank you for supporting me endlessly in my pursuit to be an artist.” He dedicated his award to his mother, Tina and late father, Chris.

Bendo commented that, “It was such an honour just to be in the same room with such an abundance of talented Canadian cinematographers, let alone being nominated. Winning Best Cinematographer in this category is something I couldn’t even imagine happening at such a young age. I plan to continue to develop my cinematic style and in the process gain a better understanding of myself as a visual storyteller. “The Canadian Society of Cinematographers has promoted the art and craft of cinematography since 1957.