Biz X 2019 Winner! “The Sharp Dressed Men’s Casual Store”

Peter Leardi holding his 2019 Bix X Award!

67 Richmond earned the 2019 Biz X Award for “The Sharp Dressed Men’s Casual Store” Award!

Peter Leardi’s emphasis on customer service, quality, form, and function positions 67 Richmond as a standout premier menswear store and earned them the title of “The Sharp Dressed Men’s Casual Store”!

Shopping with Peter means that customers get both a great selection of brands and high-end designers plus unmatched customer care!

This includes after-hours appointments, office calls, purchase deliveries, shirt pressing, wardrobe consultations, one-day tailoring and refreshments, and snacks! There is no other menswear store that goes above and beyond, quite like this one!

You can read the full story and learn more about Peter’s unique approach to customer service in the Nov – Dec issue of Biz X Page 46-47.

Follow along with 67 Richmond on Instagram for updates on new arrivals and sample looks. Shop 67 Richmond in both Amherstburg and Tecumseh!